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“It's like a blessed, one minute retreat in my busy day!” – Sharon W.

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Law of Attraction Not Working for You?

Date: Tuesday, 9:27 a.m.
From: Lorna Levy

What is Law of Attraction?

Law of Attraction says, most simply, we get what we think about; our thoughts create our lives. Everything in our lives - our successes or failures, our loves or our loss, our happiness, health or illness is in our experience as a result of our thoughts. It is an ancient teaching made popular by The Secret and by Esther and Jerry Hicks' Abraham books.

For most of us, law of attraction isn't a one-time process. It is something we need to frequently remind ourselves. It is not a destination; it is a way of thinking - of approaching life. We don't 'get there' and then stop. We practice raising our vibration and keeping our focus . . . and we bring ourselves back to that again and again when life knocks us off track.

How easy is this?

Not very easy at all. Up until now, it has been fairly difficult to stay on track. There was nothing to remind you and there wasn’t much encouragement to be found. Yet, there's always lots of gloom and doom, stress and worry to pull you off the path. The one question my coaching clients ask me most frequently is, “How can I be more consistent in using law of attraction?” Sometimes they word it, "How can I stay in that high vibration of joyful manifesting?"

"Lorna’s voice is wonderfully soothing. She reaches deep into your soul." Dave S

60,000 Thoughts - What Are You Thinking?

45 thoughts each minute or one every 1.3 seconds

Can you figure out your most consistent theme?

Do you have many thoughts that are worth giving a second thought to?

Deepak Chopra often quotes a study that found that the average person thinks around 60,000 thoughts per day. The shocking thing about this is that the study also said that of these 60,000 thoughts, about 95% are exactly the same thoughts that we had yesterday. And wait, it gets worse: For most of us, 80% of these thoughts are negative - totally unconscious, following the rut of our long established patterns and beliefs. If we are not living the life of our dreams, we need some new thoughts. How can we change our thoughts?

Here is the solution!

Law of attraction audio messages sent to your phone to remind and encourage you. Messages of law of attraction tips and techniques, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and spiritual wisdom to inspire and uplift you, come directly to your phone 3 days a week. Only 1 to 2 minutes in length, they won’t interrupt your day, but just give a little boost to your spirit. Sort of like vitamins for your soul.

Changing your thoughts creates actual changes in your brain. When we think a new and different thought, we create new neural pathways in the brain. Then it becomes easier to think more positively and to attract more positively. It becomes easier to get out of our rut.

“Your message brought tears to my eyes. I got an answer that I’d been searching for for months.” – Tony A.

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The Immeasurable Benefits to You:

  • Frequent encouragement keeps you on track to manifest your goals

  • Messages come directly to your voice mail; you don’t have to remember to go to a website or make a call

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  • Easy and effortless spiritual growth

  • Centers you in the midst of everyday chaos

  • Fills you with inspiration and enthusiasm

  • Accomplish your goals much more quickly

  • Your vibe stays consistently raised

  • Experience instant results in your life

“I went very deep and felt very connected.” – Georgi

Small Things Done Consistently Create Major Impact . . .

Imagine how exciting it would be to receive a brief 1 to 2 minute message of encouragement and upliftment 3 times a week. Our messages come to you Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a soothing woman's voice speaking to you gently on the phone. If you are not able to answer, the message is left as a voice mail for you to listen to at your convenience. How do you think your life will change with frequent encouragement to focus more positively?

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“It is like a blessed, one minute spiritual retreat in my crazy day!” Sharon W.

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